Zhongke Hongtai (Anhui) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, established in 2023, is a production and sales integration company located in Tongling City, Anhui Province; And fully funded by Xi'an YaHongTai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

The company relies on the material research, technology development and advanced achievements transformation of Professor Liu Yuanli during his work in the U.S. Department of Energy; also combines with the valuable experience of the scientific research and technology team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and many senior experts and scholars in the new energy industry. The company is jointly established by a number of new energy professionals who have been working in the new energy industry for more than 10 years.

We mainly produce ultra-low temperature lithium batteries for civil use, battery management systems and related supporting materials; We are committed to making up for the gap in the large-scale production of high-performance -50 °C ultra-low temperature special batteries in the market, and to meet the current demand for high-tech batteries in the high-end civil market in specific areas. We also cooperate with scientific research institutions to develop the next generation of solid-state, graphene cryogenic batteries

  • Aspiration
    Become a benchmark enterprise for ultra-low temperature special power supply and the leader of the new energy industry.
  • Mission
    Provide customers with the highest quality ultra-low temperature battery and power supply solutions.
  • Value
    Achieve large enterprises,Feed back to society at scale,And use technology to benefit mankind.
We would never forget why we started, and we will always keep the mission in our mind. With our great honesty and professionalism, any cooperation will be a double win.
Dr. Liu Yuanjian (Chairman)
  • 2020.03
    Xi'an Yahongtai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a group company, was established
    Establishing a qualified supplier for the 1001 factory of the People's Liberation Army of China
  • 2021.06
    The group company has passed the certification of weapon and equipment quality system
  • 2022.08
    The group company has passed the Shaanxi Provincial High tech Enterprise Certification
    The group company was awarded the honor of 2022 New Era China Economic Innovation Enterprise
  • 2023.03
    Establishing Zhongke Hongtai (Anhui) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd
    China Hongtai (Anhui) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has entered the qualified supplier list through product certification from Honda in Japan
    Zhongke Hongtai (Anhui) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has been officially completed and put into operation
Industrial layout
  • Group Company Headquarters
    Military Products Division
    Xi An, china
  • R&D Center
    Production Base
    TongLing, china
  • Strategic Planning Department
    Capital Operations Center
    BeiJing, china
  • Production base
    ChongQing, china
  • Foreign Trade Division
    SuZhou, china