Product Overview
Customized production of lithium batteries
  • Structural aspect
    Implement one-on-one professional customization design for various models and application fields of ultra-low temperature special power supply individual batteries and battery packs according to customer needs
  • Material system
    Adopting the composite use of multiple materials (Ni \ Co \ Mn \ Mg)
  • Life
    Peer: 300-1000 tests
    Zhongke Hongtai: Over 6000 times
  • Safety
    Conduct tests such as needling, burning, impact, and falling to obtain national mandatory inspection certification
  • Energy Density
    Peer: 180-200Wh/kg
    Zhongke Hongtai: 200~300 Wh/kg
  • Energy Efficiency
    Peer: Approximately 90% energy conversion efficiency, with significant attenuation during cycling
    Zhongke Hongtai: More than 95% energy conversion efficiency, with no significant attenuation during the cycling process
  • Low Temperature Performance
    Peer: At a low temperature of 20 ℃, the capacity reaches 60%
    Zhongke Hongtai: -The low-temperature capacity at 50 ℃ reaches 80% or more of the rated capacity
  • Charge Efficiency
    Peer: 60 minutes charging 80%
    Zhongke Hongtai: 30 minutes charging 90%
The company's products have mainly undergone innovation in positive electrode materials and battery structures from the source
Development and application of ultra-high magnification nanoporous negative electrode materials
Development and Application of High Voltage Nanocrystalline Cathode Materials
Development and application of a new ultra-thin and high infiltration diaphragm material
After multiple repeated cross experiments, the formula of positive and negative active substances in the battery has been improved
Develop a new type of high viscosity material mixing treatment method to improve the uniformity of material mixing
The technology of this project will integrate the requirements of high power into the manufacturing design of high-end ultra-low temperature defense military lithium polymer batteries, which can manufacture high-end ultra-low temperature defense military lithium polymer batteries with a high magnification of 10C-50C
We optimize the electrolyte through proprietary technology developed independently, significantly improving the low-temperature defects that traditional lithium batteries cannot overcome
Using the first generation
-40 ℃ ultra-low temperature special battery
Developing a new generation
-50 ℃ graphene ultra-low temperature semi-solid state battery
Energy Storage Generation 1
-50 ℃ ultra-low temperature special battery
Integrate the first generation
Solid state ultra-low temperature battery new material lithium battery